[FreeApp]XRIM X Rebirth Interactive Map

********Hello! this is my program Interactive 3D map of Egosoft’s latest Spacesimulator- X Rebirth on Unreal Engine 4

What it this? XRIM - not standart using the UE4 for building not a game - the Application builded **just for fun **and lern the game. Designed for X rebirth players and avalaidle for all. The development still 8 mounths and its version 0.8 beta stage. You also can download the latest stable build.) Original my topic on gameforum

XRIM Dev Team:
-YOYOMAN_MODDER -Programming, design.
-KrYcHokE - X Rebirth Expert ,Major Design, Localization.
-EpicLegend - IntroVideo.

Official XRIM Project Status avalaible on Trello](Trello)

About Project:
This application allows you to enjoy X Rebirth Map without entering the game itself with excellent visual and sound-effects and the soundtrack of game. Of course everything developed manually and the application is not connected directly to the game. Additionally, you can go to a forum of my russian community (, this Egosoft forum or open the Manual X Rebirth by boojum (Корабли - Справочник X Rebirth

Galaxy - view Galaxy Map.
System - view System Map.(avalaible in 0.6 beta)
Sector - view Sector Map. (avalaible in 0.8 beta)
Zone - view Zone Map.(Unavalaible in beta version)

Smooth Camera orbit with autocentering (Autoroll aligning to Ecliptic virtual plane).
Camera Zoom
Camera Shift (Galaxy,System,Sector modes)
Ingame Soundtrack of X Rebirth (11 random playing tracks)
Object highlighting on cursor over object.
Gate connection Map (by pressing button)
Starsystem design at Stars))
Sector view
You can view inside Startsystem, sectors rendering at holographic spheres.
Current Starsystem Drone name.
current Platform and local date and time.
User profile Name.
Loadingsceen and X Rebirth mouse cursors.
Embebed internet-brouser for forums.
Bot-Assistant - Alice.
Intorvideos - skipable after 2 seconds.
Comfortable Instaler for instaling, unistaling and updating
Personal new icon designed by KrYcHokE (XRIM Dev team Designer)
Multylanguage localization System: ENG/RU/GER switching in LoginScreen or Settings.
DX10/DX11 SM5.
Unreal Engine 4.12.5

THANKS TO one ego forum user who makes this nice videos^^:




Intel/AMD 4 cores 2.7 Ghz or higher CPU

4 Gb or more RAM

NVidia GeForce 450GTS GPU with DX10/DX11 SM5, 1 Gb VRAM/ATI Radeon GPU or higher.

507 Mb HDD Space.

OS Windows Win64 (bulded and work only on 64 bit Windows! instaler too)

C++ Redist 2005-2015.

Internet Connection for embebed browser.


Left Mouse - select object.

Right Mouse - Camera orbit.

R key - Camera reset.

G key - Gatemap (On Galaxy Map only!).

H - ON/OFF Help menu.

Tab - Open HUB menu.

W/A/S/D - Camera Shift to another locatiion

Q- ON/OFF Alice bot.

0.8 beta current version!
0.7.2 beta (Momolitic version no patch fo 0.7 all music files shorted, accoding to Egosoft)
0.7.1 beta
0.7 beta
0.6 beta
Second build 0.5 alpha.
First build 0.5 alpha.


XRIM v0.8


All questions u can post here or in mesage.) Have fun:)