FREE WIP FPSRPG Project Files (Main Menu, Inventory and more)

Hey everyone,

So I had this project that I sort of abandoned (more info below), and it has been dusting in my projects list with no use since I mostly already remade most of it for my current project.

So I thought, “Why not just give it for free so others can perhaps learn from it?”, so that’s what I’m doing. The project contains a few things like a player model, animations, some weapons, and a few mechanics like inventory, weapon customization and more.

Please note that a lot (almost everything) was work in progress, some things might be broken and were not finished at all (don’t judge me as a developer for the things I did, I was fairly new to UE4). Also there will be a couple empty folders since I deleted all of the marketplace content that I used, so if there’s any little bugs, that’s because of the marketplace content (I sadly can’t include it because that’s against the Marketplace legal stuff, completely understandable).

I am mainly releasing this so people who are starting out can possibly learn a few things from what I have done, or lose a few brain cells since a lot of the stuff is made more complex than it should have been.

Please, PLEASE: If you are going to migrate some of the assets like the weapons, props, etc. please give me credit, it took me a while (the assets aren’t too great, but they’re average)!

Some Controls and Input:

\ ] - Opens up a debug menu, things like equipping weapons, lights, etc.
L ] - After having the weapon equipped (might have to press on Torch Test, then Weapon Test), you can press L to turn on the light attachment
B ]? - I think it’s B, but there’s a Broken slide animation
TAB ] - Opens up the Interface (was to contain everything from the world map to the inventory, etc.)

I honestly don’t remember all of the controls, but you can see them by going into the player character blueprint (ThirdPersonCharacter?)

Where the project went
The project changed into a different artstyle and name, because I found that a realistic artstyle could not work for the amount of things I wanted to add. The game primarily was aimed at being a FPSRPG with a lot of Open-World PVP and customization. If you’re interested in looking at what the project came to be, you can go here. I also plan on making a thread for it once I get more stuff to show :slight_smile:

Good luck, and hopefully I help a couple developers through these files! :smiley:

Download Link:

P.S. If the link doesn’t work and/or if there’s anything wrong, please feel free to post in the thread; also goes for any questions, etc.

A few screenshots for what you could find in the project:

Imgur Album: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

+1 Sick game m9 1v1 me rust I’ll prove I’m a better dev

Thank you so much. I’m looking for this :slight_smile:

can you share gameplay screenshoots?

its awesome but so glitchy in UE V4.12
cant create chacter or delete
cant use weapons / get
cant get inside of options menu
cant look at moviebattles
play button is deosnt work
customization doesnt work ( weapon or chacter )
weapon crafting is doesnt work
quit game is doesnt work
no prone animation
I cant change the name
game hud menu is not opening
other stuff is missing like message etc

in general its awesome but need to update to ue v4.12 but still awesome keep it up, new things can be awesome if you are going to add, I will try to improve or can support you with my content or money , you can contact with me thanks for free content its awesome for newbies

These things don’t exist as they’re just placeholder buttons that still need functionality:

  • Create character/delete
  • Options menu
  • Moviebattles

The other bugs I’m not sure of, the weapon customization’s functionality was WIP, but the character clothing stuff in the Playtest section should work for the most part.

I’ll make a video showing everything in the project when I can. :slight_smile:

well there is a bugs maybe because of version of engine this is for 4.10 Im using 4.12 but its awesome project if you can update and bring new things I can support with content and credit

I tried upgrading my other project, and that caused many bugs, so yeah, it’s probably how you tried to upgrade from 4.10 to 4.12 that broke a few things. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also don’t really plan on updating it since I completely gave it up, sorry!

hi! i can’t download from google drive… it gives me errors while downloading, can you upload it on another site? if i am not asking too much :slight_smile:

I’ll upload to Mediafire once I can! I’m a bit busy this week however, but I’ll definitely get to doing it. :slight_smile:

thanks for your kindness… after various tentatives i’ve managed to download the file from google drive!

i have all the problems the other guy had before. but im on 4.10

download keeps failing

Thanks ill take a look mite be able to learn some thing :), guys please don’t ask for this to be updated hes giving it away for free in the condition its in!