Free Voice Acting (Builting my resumé)

Hello everyone, my name is Christian P. Weller and at this moment I’m offering my services as voice actor, still in training and I want to built a little more my curriculum.

I recorded voice samples with BM-100FX, most appropriate for horror games, action games if it will have Demons/Creatures or Witches.

This is a free service for now, the only thing I ask in return is credits, permission to make a video reel with the my parts and the game cover for publicity in my website (and maybe a free copy of the game? :wink: ).

Visit my website to see my experience and skills: //
Note: Don’t visit my website from a mobile, only made for desktop/computer

Thank you for your attention!

I look for someone who speaks estarias well but in this case I give money

Hello again
visit your page and listen to your voices and the truth is that I love
It serves a horror game would be great

Hello there! Forgive my ignorance but what is estarias? The recordings itself is nothing much, I can do better but didn’t have the time to do the right thing, later I’ll re-uploud the audio tracks on the bandcamp. Glad you liked my Guttural/Growls/Screams vocals :wink:


Post updated with new recordings. Thank you for your attention.

Post updated, website, more content to view.

Does your offer still stand?