[FREE] Vector Field Noise


I was creating a bunch of noisy Vector Fields to use in a particle effect I’m working on and figured more people might have use for them. So, here they are! The different noises are Perlin, Simplex, and Alligator. There’s a High and low frequency version of all. They also come in three resolutions each. 8x8x8, 16x16x16 and 32x32x32. They are .fgas so just drag the one you want into your project.

You can use them however you wish. :slight_smile: DOWNLOAD](VectorFields_01.rar - Google Drive)

Here’s what they look like:

Perlin Low Frequence

Perlin High Frequency

Simplex Low Frequency

Simplex High Frequency

Alligator Low Frequency

Alligator High Frequency

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Looking cool :smiley:

it’s… it’s… it’s beautiful :eek:

Thank you so much!

Thank you So much :heart: