Free UE4 build w/o source code license?


Congrats to everyone that worked on UE4! Looks absolutly amazing.

I was wondering if there was a license similar to UDK where we could get a build for free, but not have access to the source code, and not be able to write custom c++ code. My reason for asking is because I would like to get a feel for the engine and maybe build a few prototypes as a way to see if I want to use the engine for a future project. I (probably very stupidly) didn’t really get into the UDK because I was waiting for UE4. :stuck_out_tongue:


If they decide not to do something like that you can also pay for one month of subscription to get the download and then cancel the subscription. After that if you choose to sell a game you’d still have to pay the 5% royalty but you could still mess with the software. Not exactly free but $19 is very cheap. The continued subscription gets you all the updates.

I was actually considering doing it that way. I just wanted to know if they planed on doing something like that.

I bet that that is not allowed (it would hurt Epic Games financially). You need to keep paying as long as you are USING the software. That’s a normal scenario with these license types.
Build titles however can still be sold/given away etc… without the engine license though. Since you are not using the software anymore, but only the end product (in terms of distributing). And you indeed still need to pay 5% royalty over your gross income related to the engine use earnings (tax deducted).

Hi everyone,

Currently there is no planned trial or free version of Unreal Engine 4. If you would like, you can make a one-time purchase for $19 and then cancel your subscription to give it a try. You do not have to pay the subscription to use the engine, just to get the initial download, updates and additional content. There are two different builds you can download from this, one of which does not have access to source code and one that does, so you can choose whether or not you wish to have access to source. If your game does not turn out revenue you do not pay royalties. The EULA agreement is listed here:

I hope this helps!

Thanks for your replies eveyone. This answered my question.


This means that, if I pay a month and cancel the subscription, I can still use UE4 but I won’t receive any further updates and wo’nt be able to sell my product ?

Payday needs to get here faster…seriously >_< I want to get my hands dirty with this Engine so bad it hurts. Hell my entire team does and UE4 will make my work soo much easier since I atm am the main engine dev in the team. Also Adam I have a question concerning deving for XboxOne and PS4. Would you be able to answer that or would I need to go through the custom license process to get that question answered?

Hi HenriqueGomez,

That is correct. You can continue to use the engine, but if you want updates or to publish your game you would have to re-establish your subscription. With the Consoles, it would be best to look into the custom license process in regards to subscription, terms, and agreements.

I hope this helps!

Ok, thanks for the reply =)

Cool thanks Adam. I was just wondering cause my team recently got the go to dev for XboxOne and PS4. Payday need’s to get here faster twitch Though I know my artists will flip when they see the news XD lol