[FREE] UE Texture Packer

Hi :slight_smile:
I’m here to present a nice tool for artists that I made based off an idea from a friend.

The goal of this tool is to pack textures for material into only a couple of files, to save space and supposedly draw calls.
Instead of importing lots of textures that effectively only use a single channel, you may use a few textures full of data.

This is how the files are processed by the tool:

Key features:

  • Packs specific textures into multi-usage textures
  • Supports PNG and TGA files for exporting and lots of formats for importing
  • Nice simplistic UI
  • Time-saving

This application is made using C# and FreeImage. Because of this, only Windows (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions) are officially supported.

The tool is not confirmed to be stable; some crashes or unexpected behaviors may occur. Do not hesitate to report bugs, or even small suggestions.
A readme file is included in the zip file, where it shows precisely how to use the app.

I hope it will become part of your workflow :smiley:

**Download link: **Version 1.0
(Click the download icon on the top toolbar when arriving on the page)

Good job, I know a few studios do this on some projects, Valve have a great pdf showing how they use it for DOTA2.

Nice Work Body !!!
I find it very usefull !

Very cool tool. Looking forward to seeing how well it works. :wink:

Sadly, the link doesn’t work, the file was deleted… :confused:

Is this still downloadable somewhere?
It looks like a great tool!

This should work, too: