[FREE] Uber Maet Alpha1 ready for test drive.

Get it here if you don’t want to watch the show.

What it is and how to use.

Simple instructions.

Unzip and drop into any content folder.

Uber Maet (zGerman for Super Mat) is not a true material but a compositor/mapper old school GDK Radiant style that uses an instance material to composite two texture sets as well as a mapper that one can change position,scale, and rotation of the material with out having to remap the UVW.

If you do something cool I/we would love to see it and you can show off here.

Also don’t be shy and share your alpha composite maps. :wink:

Impressive! Really, really impressive. I was a GTKRadiant user for 6 years and texturing the geometry was awesome & simple. I’m not a UV guy so this will be very useful for basic texturing in Unreal. Thank you for this. I’ll definitely use and post some screens in the meantime.