Free Tools Help

I’m a total beginner to UE4 and creation software.
I noticed a lot of people use programs like SpeedTree and GeoControl2 to help edit and build their levels.

My question is, are there free or trial versions of similar software? While I have no problem against buying or subscribing to new software I think it might be wise to mess around with free stuff before using money. Does this make sense?

The two programs I mentioned above look really useful but if possible I’d like to try them out and learn what I’m doing.

Help appreciated.

try using blender 3d i see a few tutorials on ue4 blender 3d

here is a tutorial video i found for blender 3d Blender to Unreal Engine 4 in a Nutshell - YouTube

If you want to test out Speedtree, download UDK. It has a free version included of Speedtree 5.

-tree d ->
-or as des24man mentioned -> blender :slight_smile:

Thank you. I’ve now got Blender, GIMP, TerreSculptor and Tree D.
Tree D is easy to export into UE4?

So the paid version equivalents would be 3D max, Photoshop, GeoControl2 and Speedtree of the above?

  1. In my opinion it is pretty easy to export them into the UE4
  2. yep

I just tried making a quick tree in Tree D and it imported all in white with no textures. I must have missed the texture somewhere?

I dont know if you can save the texture directly with tree d -> otherwise open it with blender and save the texture: (you will find it in the UV image editor)