Free Substances

Hey all, I was experimenting with Substance Designer and made these 5 quick substances - a brick wall, a wooden floor, a metal floor, polished stone, and a plaster wall, each with normals and roughness. Didn’t know what to do with them, as most of them I won’t be using, so I decided I’d release them here for free! This is my first time sharing any assets I’ve made so I’m not really sure if there’s any other info I should be giving. If there is, feel free to let me know!

Download here.







cool !

thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

What license do they have? Can we use them commercially without having to give credits? Do we have to give credits? If so, to where?

Free for commercial use, no credit needed :slight_smile:

Cool, Thanks for letting us know.

From these materials, I like the third one the most.

You’re welcome, glad you like it! :smiley: