Free Substance Material 5 Pack

Hey everyone!

I’m releasing a pack of free substance materials for use in the unreal market, tested with 4.10.4 and just waiting on the latest version of the Substance plugin to come to the market to test on 4.11. Each material has a number of custom parameters which will allow for a reasonable amount of customization.


Where is the download link?

Its going to be released on the marketplace

I thought marketplace contents weren’t allowed to be free? Only Epic’s and such?

I believe it will be under the learn section of the marketplace, although I could be wrong, I’m pretty new to Unreal. In the mean time I’ve set up a gumroad account you can grab the materials from. You will need to install the substance plugin (the current version of the substance plugin from the marketplace doesn’t work with 4.11 although it should be updating shortly) then you can import the Substance Painter files directly into UE4. If you’re interested I also put the Designer files, and some old school tiling textures from the files for download too.