[FREE] Stargate-Network

Hello everyone, just passing through (the gate) to tell you we release the first Alpha of our new version of Stargate-Network :slight_smile: !




Some months ago we release a little teaser made with UE4 :

Teaser 1

Teaser 2

Don’t expect something big for now, we are very few working on it on our spare time, but we hope you’ll like it ! Please visit our website here for more info : https://www.stargate-network.net/en/

And don’t hesitate to join our Discord here : https://discord.gg/CYBkFWD

Ps : No VR planed for now sorry

I love SG so downloaded and tried, but got trapped in the computer :smiley: afterwards I have read on the homepage that the solution is right click, imo I would never try it by myself :D, so some onscreen hints would be nice. I just entered keys hit enter and nothing happened, also some info of codes of known planets would be essential. the level is a bit too dark for me, but otherwise nice job! I will play with it more…

Thanks for the feedback m8 !

Do you have a written agreement by the owners of the StarGate franchise, that you an use their IP? I am asking this because I am a StarGate fan, and I would hate for this project to be shut down early.

Looks good. Glad to see people are doing some realistic and beautiful graphics instead of low poly garbage and pixels from 80s.

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Like every fan project nope, we strongly believe they know about us, we don’t sell anything anyway and we are not in conflict with an official Stargate product in dev.

Hey hey everyone, just passing by to let you know we did a new Teaser for the next update :

Cheers !

Hey everyone, just to let you know the first big update is out, you can now travel on Abydos, cheers !


Join us on Discord : https://discord.gg/CYBkFWD