[FREE] Sprite Synergy

Hello community!

I will release my blueprint based tool “Sprite Synergy” for free, so people can use it for various things.


This tool enables you to generate a sprite sheet with specific parameters based on 3D mesh animations of various sorts. It is a cross interaction between Unreal Editor 4 functionality and runtime functionality to get the best of both worlds. This tool is entirely blueprint driven, which doesn’t need any other prerequisites and is meant to be a plug and play blueprint. The tool is designed to help people, who either don’t have the skills required in 2D animation or dislike the process of creating tedious and time consuming 2D animations. With this tool, 3D artists can finally create sprites from their beloved 3D objects and start venturing into the sprite world.

The tool is riddled with tooltips and comments, so most of the stuff is explained.

There is also a quick video tutorial, how to use the tool.

Supported versions:

  • Version 4.16
  • Version 4.17
  • Version 4.18
  • Version 4.19
  • Version 4.22

How to install:

Just put the Sprite Synergy folder into your project’s content folder.

Feature List:

  • Creation of a sprite sheet based on a skeletal mesh
  • Ability to pre-load animations inside the UE4 editor and select/change them at runtime (ONLY FOR SKELETAL MESHES)
  • Change the size of the skeletal mesh or actor to suit your needs
  • Snapshot delay to specify the time for each sprite shot to lessen performance impact
  • Creation of a sprite sheet based on an actor blueprint
  • Snapshot sound for sprites (Can be disabled)
  • Setting the overall resolution of the sprite sheet
  • Setting the resolution of the individual sprites
  • Setting the number of sprites on the X and Y axis (Rows and Columns)
  • Pixel precise masking feature to generate an opacity mask for the output sprite sheet
  • Chroma key color for sprite sheet output (if you don’t want to use the masking feature)
  • Runtime preview of sprite sheet after completion of the process
  • Camera Controls to pan and orbit around the object in question
  • Camera parameters for rotation speed, pan speed and zoom speed
  • Ability to change the camera to perspective views (Side views, front view, top view, bottom view etc.)
  • Export path, which can be specified by the user
  • Custom filename
  • Commented blueprint sections and variables


  • The only available format is .hdr (This is because a render target can only be exported as .hdr). Changing this would mean introducing C++ into the project, which I didn’t want to do. This tool was designed to be only blueprint based, so the tool doesn’t need to rely on prerequisites or other requirements. A blueprint based approach also heightens the chances of compatibility for future versions. It should however not be a problem, because there are a lot of free converters out there, which can convert it into a readable format, if your image editing program doesn’t want to open it. Photoshop can open .hdr files natively.

  • Some time frames need to be specified manually. For example the actor animation time needs to be inputted manually, because the tool can’t predict, what types of components you will add to your actor blueprint. All actors components must have the same animation length, so the tool works optimally, especially in terms of looping animations.

  • HDR capturing seems to have a big problem with glowing objects and don’t want to display them correctly in the output. However LDR can capture glowing objects. So I added an option to switch between HDR and LDR.


Version 4.16:…cBVIDzlaESNYS7
Version 4.17:…McgJYbxn5f8j4d
Version 4.18:…nVC6s1gGdKGejX
Version 4.19:…SKhJTzZabbRVKf
Version 4.22:

Tool Screenshot:

Example sprite sheet:

Event graph snippet:

Quick Tutorial:


Thanks mate. :slight_smile:


No problem. Enjoy it :).

Very cool - thanks for sharing!


I hope you will find it useful and have fun with it :).

Hi, coudnt make it work on 4.21 or 4.22 :frowning:

@imnomad I updated it with the version 4.22 . It was a simple fix and should now work properly again. Just scroll up, I edited my original post and added the 4.22 link.

I wanted to stop by and say thank you! This has saved me so much time. We were able to edit the blueprint to rotate around our models and create sprite sheets for 8 different angles in ONE button click! We were able to create 32 characters 4 animations each with 8 angles per animation within 24 hours time. That is 1024 sprite sheets. Our game is almost ready for release now and I don’t think we would have ever finished it if it were not for this project that you are giving out for free. This inspires me to do the same and help the community. You are one of a kinda brother. May you be blessed as you have blessed me.