FREE Spawn and Wave System Control

Hello everyone,
Hope all of you are having a great day, but if you’re not don’t worry bescause, well, now you will.
I come here to annouce that we have just made our Spawn and Wave System Control available for download directly from this link:

This is an awesome blueprint features that Dream Real has created, in which you have numerous options of controlling spawning and waves, including a BIG WAVE FINAL feature.
Take a look at these videos to see what I’m talking about:


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Well now go have fun and let us know what you think, feedback is very important for us!

If you want to contact us, please send an e-mail to

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downloaded, watched the videos, great job guys, you must be mind readers :wink: been trying to do something very simple like this for a while but i’ll give your one a run out soon i hope :slight_smile:

Looks fun! Easy to use. Thanks! :slight_smile:

thank you very much

Thanks Geodav!! We really appreciate it!

Thanks a lot Wanderer!! Appreciate it!

Thanks Geodav!! We really appreciate it!

Thanks a lot Wanderer!! Appreciate it!

Thank you! Hope you enjoy it!

just been doing a quick test and found a few things i’m not sure of in changing the values on a placed “SpawnActor”

  1. i can’t change the “Probability” of entry “0” it remains at 500 no mater what i do
  2. i can’t set the ammount of actors i want to spawn in each wave

atm i testing with my bots maybe i’m doing something wrong but if i don’t stop it the system will spawn over 500 actors and keeps on going

had a quick look at the bp and i’m truely amazed, maybe a few more options like actor count per wave, option to start next wave when all actor from the preveus wave have been destroyed

Hello Geodav,

1 - This is blocked duo Value Range of the variable. This is the lenght of the array.
2 - There is no option for that, but you can set the duration time of the wave and the spawing loop, so for a wave of 10 seconds and a loop of 1 second it will spawn 10 actors.

Although have a option to set the ammount of actors is a good idea to work with a random delay time in range of the looping spawn. I will work on that. Thanks.

Yes, a actor count per wave is a good idea too (I like it) and the option to start the next wave when all actors have been destroyed I already did that, but for a specific actor. I’ll need to work more to do this.

Thanks about the feedback and the ideas,