Free source control?

Is there any Free source control options available? Something with at least 10 free GB of space would be fine even. I need something to backup my models and maps, putting them in Google Drive is cumbersome. I need something 100% free, like i said, if it has a free limit like, only giving you 10GB or something and it has plan options thats fine, but also something that isnt a massive pain in the *** to set up either.

No such thing, as far as I know. There are many free source control systems, but not free hostings for large repositories. The best option available is bitbucket which offers 2GB per repository max.

If you want more than that, it costs money.

Putting stuff onto google drive is easy, just move Content and Config directories from your project into google drive (sub)folder and connect them to original location via symlink or directory junction. Just make sure google drive isn’t running when you work - you can lose data otherwise.

Generally speaking, one way to deal with it is to put your code onto bitbucket and put your models onto google drive.

Couldn’t you use ondrive for this? I have 30gb in total free space but you get 15 gig at least?

You CAN’T install git/svn repo onto one drive, google drive, dropbox or anything else like that.

Sure, you could dump/mirror all your assets there, but that’s not source control, because there’s no version history, branching and all the usual stuff. You’ll only get copy of your most recent version on the cloud.

??? If you’re using GIT then nothing stop you making your repo sync with OneDrive.
There was a problem with hidden .git folders, but it got fixed earlier this year so now it’s a fully working solution

hmm, i guess i’ll just stick to GD then, thanks.