Free source code / MicroWave


When I worked on my project, the community was very helpful to me. So I want to help the community too!

Here is the source code of my game MicroWave, feel free to use and modify it

I’m not sure I can upload the entire project, because there is some third party content I use.

Please also visit my thread and criticise my game!

Thats really cool, thanks for sharing.

You welcome!

I would like to upload entire project, but for that I want to be sure I can upload standard Epic Games assets (like textures and meshes) to the web.

Anything that came with the engine or was downloaded from the marketplace can be used for profit and non profit

Then I will upload entire project to let the people build it and play!

Big GitHub repository update!

Today I uploaded entire project into the GitHub repository. Now you can fetch it, compile and run! It consists all the necessary Blueprints and Behaviour Trees, as well as the map and other stuff.

Feel free to use and modify it for your needs! And don’t forget to comment and criticise!