[FREE] Small pack materials for prototype levels

Hello all!
want to share with you a little packs of materials. They are not excellent in quality because the additional card generated in Ps. But I think it is suitable for prototyping level. When you make an outline.
Pack includes 12 materials:
You can use it for any purpose.

All screenshot is here:



That’s pretty cool of you to share this! Could you explain what you mean when you wrote “because the additional card generated in Ps”? Photoshop adds something that we don’t require?

No, Photoshop does not add too much. Just in my opinion this is not a quality that could be say from sculpting texture. And I pointed out that, in order to avoid any precedents and disputes about the quality

I thought they were rather good materials! How would you like credits made? UE4 username? Anything else?

You can use it without any of authorship.

Just letting you know that the link is dead for me.

Yes, I know about the problem. Alas restore distribution can not, because the files were lost poslnostyu. But you can expect more hands :slight_smile:

Can you update this for 4.22.3? The link doesn’t seem to work @OtheInic12