[Free] Simple Space/Blast Door (No texture Yet)

I made an simple door for spaceship/station scenes/games its low poly.
Still needing an propper texture but is uv maped to look good with all tilled textures. (If someone want to make it feel free, Im bad at texturing i will in future probably)




Includes a blender file and 4 fbx (1 entire door and 1 for each part separated) ready to use with UE4
The root of all pieces is on de mid of the frame so you dont have to adjust the components just add the frame as the first object of an bp
and then add the sides and they go straight to its closed position.
then just use move component -100/+100 for each part on the Y axis like on the pic below:
To closeset it to zero.

Enjoy. Its free!

as explained, the archive contains just the .blend and .fbx files.

it’s up to you to import it in UE4 and create the blueprints to have it open as you want.

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thanks for sharing.