Free SciFi Health/Shield Regen + Pickups

Greetings everyone!

I am excited to announce a new FREE pack!

Read more about it here.



Keep an eye out on for more products and updates!

Awww yee. I will take this apart and look at every detail :stuck_out_tongue:
Time to spy!

Nice pack @SE_JonF! I love it :wink:

Thanks @Filly_The_Owl and @anonymous_user_b4aef466! I hope you enjoy it! =)

Amazing quality as always .
How is your command pack coming along and do you have any plans for a crew quarters pack?

Thanks Nightraiyven!

I’m actually beginning full production of that pack this week. Hopefully I will have something to show soon, keep an eye on the main thread!

Yes a crew quarters pack is planned, among many others. If there’s anything specifically you’d like to see in it, feel free to drop a suggestion in the main thread. =)