Free Sci-Fi Asset Pack

I’ve done an asset pack, no anything to complex, but you might be interested, it’s Unreal Engine ready, but every there’s a version to import to any engine

Free Sci-Fi Assets

Hey. thank you for sharing! I downloaded the project but the lighting isn’t working and I got some errors in the beginning (assets where not correctly loaded last time), the room is almost pitch black. Not a real problem as I can just place lights myself, just wanted to let you know your project is a bit broken.

Thanks for letting me know this bug, but since I’m not a pro guy in Unreal and this was my first time doing this, I have literally cero idea why is this happening. So I don’t really know how to fix this.
I will make a reasearch for my next packs.

Thanks for downloading and for letting me know what’s going on! Enjoy it!

They look good! I dropped a point light in and the materials looked fine. I think it’s just settings on your spot lights causing the darkness. Do you mind if I use a few of them if I credit you?

You are free to use all of them as you please, you can even modify the source files.
But yes, just credit me somewhere :slight_smile:

This look really great! Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks to you for downloading!

Thank you for posting :smiley:

thanks share.