Free Sandbox Demo for Project Diode

I wanted to share my little sandbox prototype so I can start getting some feedback pretty early on (insanely pre-alpha). I would love to hear any feedback no matter how obvious, as it will affirm my own thoughts. Any cool gameplay ideas are very much welcome too. It should take about 10 -20 min to open the front gates and walk out. I’m excited to share and even more excited to hear your thoughts.

Gamepad support only and please read the “readme” provided in the zip :slight_smile:



Please leave feedback on this thread.

I’ve been following you on youtube for some time! Love the progress! I’m very curious to see where this goes!

Thx liondog! - I’m also looking forward to yours! Let me know what you think of the sandbox. Happy to hear any feedback or cool game mechanic ideas you might have for it.

I don’t have a gamepad… :frowning: But it looks really good! :slight_smile:

Hey JadetheHunter - You can use a PS4 or Xbox controller if you have them…use this free little app for that.

Thx for the compliment! :o