Free russian weapons (RPK 74m and Mosin rifle)

free to download my models

RPK74m pbr textures download page

**hunter rifle **(mosin) pbr textures download page

check all models here patreon page Patreon

thanks for sharing these awesome models for free! Just imported the RPM74M in my project and was very surprised by how good it looks in the engine! and even better, it is a skeletal mesh :slight_smile: if I allow myself to give you a little advice, you also could have rigged the bipod and trigger. and probably also made 2 verssions of the magazine, one full and one empty. for reload animations :slight_smile:

but again, these models are looking awesome and thank you so much for the share :slight_smile:

Thank you! These will be great for me to use for prototyping :slight_smile:

Cool, are you planning to do more (a little more low poly) character models? The robot on your Patreon looks awesome, but it’s too high poly for me to use sadly. I would love to support you on Patreon if you would consider this. :slight_smile: