free running engines

any links to a good free running engine? this has probably been covered in other parts of the forum hence why I put it in the general discussion section to save mods the head ache. thnx

Do you mean that you search for an engine which is free? :slight_smile: -> take a look at UDK (the free version of the UE3)

I think he might be talking about a “Free Running Engine”, think Robot Unicorn Attack. An infinite runner or something. My best guess.

My guess is that he wants parkour style movement.

sorry for the late reply and my lack of content in my request but it is a parkour style movement that i am after.

at the moment im studying at a game design college called evocca and udk is one of the engines they provide for us in our course, what im after is a assasins creed style free running movement for the characters.


I believe there is a pretty nice start on the marketplace that could get you started. It’s not an engine, but a sort of template for UE4.

thnx for that the britain. i just figured ide ask the community before i start playing and searching my self

Well… Assassins Creed’ engineer worked for more than 3 years on that “parkur engine” in the game. Good luck.

Assassins Creed doesn’t hold a torch to Mirror’s Edge when it comes to parkour however.

I like Mirrors Edge and don’t play Assassins Creed; but those are entirely different systems.
Mirrors Edge’s controller is a simplistic character controlller which at most uses some IK to place hands here and there, even non experts can do that.
While Assassins Creed has a complete procedural movement system where character knows where look to, where his foot should be, how his legs should be positioned and very natural IK on arms. Procedural animations everywhere.
They avoid collions when walking through masses of people, that is absurdly complex to achieve. It is not pre-animated by artists. A whole different level of complexity simply because it’s 3rd person game. (although very buggy)

You make a fair point, I was more referring to the end ‘feel’ of the game. I guess those would be completely different setups.

very buggy as far as playing the game goes… what the i didn’t want to run up that or are you serious i didn’t want to do a leap of faith…i hated this that much in the 7 games in the series that i have played so far that it has made me want to discover why this happens and why a AAA company can screw it up EVERY TIME …love assasins creed to bits though .

Thats quite an aspiration. I thought these kinds of things would be easy to implement when I started using unreal. Turns out, imagining how to create something and actually doing it are very different things. A parkour or free running (as they are actually different things) system takes a lot more work then one might think. Being able to create all of the animations to make it look good, (In assassins creed there are literally thousands) and program the detection and movement logic are just a few things needed for the kind of system you are thinking about. And if you can achieve some of it, chances are it wont be a good looking or smooth as you had imagined. But that all reflects the time and effort you put into it.

Haha yeah they can be frustrating at times. But there is so much going on “behind the scenes” and the movement system is in my opinion Too complex that its never going to do what you want it to do 100% of the time.