Free road Editor-like camera?

Hey! Anyone knows of free-roam, editor like camera? Where you can fly around, zoom in/out? Spectator Pawn seems to be very limited, Editor camera seems much more responsible. Ideally would be just to use editor camera itself, but I guess its some C++ not useful in-game?

Not sure if you can inherit from editor camera or its exposed.

But you can create your own spectator pawn that behaves like you need. And if its for game you should do just that.
This way you can have all required parameters exposed to your umg.

If you use default C++ camera (editor or spectator) you risking that your game will be broken if Epic changes something there.
And changing settings or adding functionality may be problematic.

Forcing spectator or editor camera to behave and then modifying their parameters from game may be more work than just doing camera in blueprints.