[FREE] QuickComands released to marketplace

A very small plugin that adds a window what you can fill with console commands and you can execute them by clicking on them. The commands are read from a file whose location can be set under editor preferences (you have to close and reopen the window to make it update the file and/or location).

Marketplace link:…694cec86592660

Special thanks to Rens for the original code.

Github source link: GitHub - AndrisBorbas/QuickCommands: UE4 quick commands window

Great work BAndrisHuN and Rens, this will be really useful. It would be great if you were able to put it on the marketplace also.


Ill try, no promises tho.

It is up on the Marketplace:

is there a way to just get this to show up in all projects ?
and a way to enter these commands inside the GUI ?