Free Python Scripts library

I’ve made many scripts since that feature show up, and recently started cleaning up them one by one, and putting them for public use, feel free to sue them at your work :slight_smile:

And this playlist, contains quick demonstration for each script.


Awesome, thanks for sharing! I’m having a harder time learning UE api. This will help me out a lot.

Hey memoniem, I am working with something for python, this will definitely come handy


Hello mamoniem,
I am looking for a Python Snipped, which filters in the content browser for the string in the meshname of staticmeshs and assigns a material to the result. Can you help here?

Thanks for sharing this Mamoniem!

Thanks everyone, glad it can help :slight_smile:

I’ve submitted something that can fit :slight_smile: check the latest update.

Thank you for sharing, great scripts

Since i posted this github repo, I’ve been working on the video series, but unfortunately I had ups and downs in my life that caused many delays of wrapping it.
But finally was able to close it in the best possible way, and it is live now!!

Press the image for the promo or go here Python for Unreal Engine Editor Tools Scripting | Udemy


hi I have a question about python on unreal;
you know a method for align objects to a surfaces with python? I have to do this but i don’t know ho.