[FREE][PROPS] LowPoly Ships Package

Hello Unreal community,

I just wanna share to you an old project I’ve worked on.
I’m not selling it anymore on the marketplace. I decided to make a modest contribution for all life has been giving me this year.
I wish you guys an amazing Christmas and happy new year.

Feel free to use it for your projects.
Please do not claim as yours.
Credits appreciated.

Image overview:…443-rgegeg.png
Project download:…

You can support me on my social media: where I post most of my artworks. Means a lot.

Twitter: @AlphAIFr
Artstation: ArtStation - Stéphane Charré
Instagram: @alpha_ue4

Nice looking assets! Im sure I would have snagged them on the marketplace had I seen them up, Ive been needing low poly boats for some time now. Look forward to checking out the pack and your youtube channel when I’m at my PC next.
Thanks for the contribution!

Hello the files or no longer available ?