Free Project: Windy Grass Shader

Hey all,

Yesterday I posted a windy grass shader on my twitter @DesignHurley]( and got more retweets and likes than I expected! :slight_smile:

I had a few people ask how this was done so I decided to create a project to share with the community so you can experiment/modify the shader and implement it in your own projects!

A couple of important things to note about this particular shader:

  • The shader complexity viewmode is fairly heavy if you paint dense amounts of foliage due to overlap. Meaning it could still use some optimizations in order to reduce the performance impact.
  • I have organized the parameters into sections to be more clear and easier to modify.
  • There is only one grass mesh being used here, but it can be replaced with a different one as long as you have the Diffuse, Normal, and AO (optional) texture samples for your own mesh.

Click this link to watch a short video of the example project!

Link to Project Download!

Cheers All,

This is fantastic work Andrew! Thank you for sharing this!

Really good of you to share - thanks v. much!

very cool effect
thx very much for sharing !!!

Thank you!

Awesome Gift. Thanks You for Sharing.

Wow, great work! This is beautiful, thanks a ton for sharing!

Hello Andrew.
I try download it, but the link likes broken.

Hey guys, could you send me a new link to my e-mail:
(or repost it here, please)

I will be very grateful to you. thx