[FREE PROJECT] Interstellar Gargantua Black Hole

Hello folks :slight_smile:

I created this project for an intro animation only. It was build to achieve a similar visual result from the Gargantua Black Hole from the Interstellar movie, not using the same techniques tho. It is not perfect but attended to my expectations. I don’t know if it is optimized or playable. For those who would like to have it or improve it, here it goes :slight_smile:

Download the project here (4.16): https://www.mediafire.com/file/5bcyvb7bwwxjebx/Interstellar_BH_4.16.rar
(go into Movies folder and make sure to play both media files so the textures show up)

Project Screen-shot:

Final animation video:


Bruno Brito

Very awesome Bruno!
Just like you :slight_smile:

Awh dude, that’s seriously cool. Definitely going to have a look (and thanks for sharing btw, more folks need to do that ;))

Ficou praticamente identico. Muito bom :slight_smile:

Really good i’ve got to say. Good work mate.

OMG what have you done ???

you suck’d youtube into a giant black hole :rolleyes:

Have no idea how you done this, so thank you for the download!

This looks awesome Bruno! Even better than I expected :slight_smile:

So good Bruno! :slight_smile: <3 Very awesome work, we need a breakdown video!

Nice work!

thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Made a remix based on your work

Added a 3D logo i made in Blender, but it’s kind of not exactly what i expected. Might use this for some upcoming dev videos, probably change the animation at one point. Thanks for sharing it

Nice work brunogbrito !

Thanks for sharing. I’m interested in how you set up that pretty UniverseBox so that I can learn how to add my own in my game. Will credit you if I manage to learn something useful for my project :slight_smile:

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It looks amazing. It consumes the hell of a ram :slight_smile: if my pc would have allowed it I’d make a flyover video in my flight game, alas not:) but looks terrific. Impressive job!

Nice work! Thanks for sharing!

I wonder if there is a Starbucks in the center? <grins>

Anyone managed to get it working in 4.12?

Can not download