[FREE PROJECT] Auto-Adjusting Third-Person Camera (w/ D/L)

Hello everyone.My name is Joure and I’m a small time indie dev. Because I do a lot just my myself I always google new tutorials or even older ones. Recently I decided to focus more of my attention to player camera’s and player movement. So I searched for alternate camera systems and I ended up watching, then re-watching “Unreal Engine 4 - Creating an auto-adjusting third-person camera” tutorial by Daerst](

This improved camera system is now my go-to project when I start a new empty third person project for prototyping. I also decided that I wanted to share my project files with anyone interested simply because it’s such a convenient system to work with out of the bat. I created a basic “Third Person” template and removed the VR stuff. I figured since this is a basic setup to further build a game onto. It beats the standard third person setup imho.

All credits go to Daerst of course. I also wanted to mention that you should follow the tutorial for those who are not that experienced instead, but for the sake of saving time its nice to have a bunch of base projects to iterate with. :slight_smile:

Anyway, hope someone may find this useful.


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Thanks for sharing and keeping Community-Tools alive! :slight_smile:

Note, the code appears to use Tick for Camera control.
Not sure that’s necessary, or best practice to be honest.
The code only needs to run if non-zero axis input occurs.
Easy to fix… Wire code off axis event with non-zero test…

You’re welcome.

Thanks for the tip ! I’ll update the project asap and see where this thread may go in the future hehe. :slight_smile:

Hi, your link is broken =/

I second that. The link is indeed broken. Please provide a valid link to the project files. Thanks in advance.

Sorry guys, Luckily I was able to find the old project file so I added a new link. :wink:

Thank you!

Works perfect, great job!!

**franktech **Enlightened is correct, you can get rid of the tick.

The link is still broken

Reviving this with a quick and easy solution. Also @Nwy140

Use this version of the camera movement I made instead. It accomplishes the same thing but is much simpler and efficient, so it shouldn’t be much of a hassle to drop into your project:…es-made-simple