[Free] Profanity Filter

I needed a simple profanity filter so I made a plugin. Right now it only checks if a string, name or text contains a profane word and returns true/false. Each word has a language, severity and word. The language is en-us for everything right now, and severity is 100. The words are stored in a datatable. Apparently “American” is a profane word which is why I added severity, because it’s not really.

To use in a blueprint pull out your string name or text pin and look for “ContainsProfanity”. If you’re using C++, call UProfanityFilterFunctionLibrary::ContainsProfanity_Str() (or _Name, _Text).

If you find this useful, or want to add words or edit their severity please submit a pull request. If you don’t know how just PM me the changes and i’ll incorporate them.