Free procedural street generation plugin in unreal 4?

Sometimes I want to do some personal remakes in order to learn more about the engine and level desing.

A very common case of my destitution is when it comes to Resident Evil 3 and its ■■■■ messy streets full of objects, doing building by building would be laborious, so I remembered this assassins creed engine tool that appears in the video at 5:50 min Making Assassin's Creed Unity: Part 2 - Next Generation Technology - YouTube .

As you can see, it saves a lot of creative time, and it seems very customizable.

So, is there a free plugin for such a task?

Unreal has a built in spline editor you can use. Its pretty handy and people use it to make roads all the time.

I know there is a spline, when I try to use it I need to create a landscape, which I do not intend to use, and my goal is to create building blocks that allow customizing roofs and etc as shown in the video of the anvil that I refer to in the question.