Free Portal Mechanics

I wrapped up all the different portal tests I did so far into one plugin and project:

You can get the whole project here:

It’s a collection of my tests, tidied up, but not very much documented. Since a lot of people have asked me many times to do it: Here it is! I released it under MIT license so you can do with it what you want. There will be no dedicated support, though.

I want to give thanks to:
AgentMilkshake1 for laying the groundwork in getting a screen space projection for VR.

Andrew Hurley for explaining how to get a left/right vr mask into a material

Kind Regards


Cool. I don’t have a need for this but nice work!

Nice work @FTC!

Hi FTC. Wow thanks for upload. Super excited to give it a shot. Real quick question, is the plugin compatible with 4.16?

im getting a Missing or Incompatible modules in PortalPlugin plugin. says ‘ExampleDeviceProfileSelector’ failed to looad because Module ‘ExampleDeviceSelector’ could not be found.

VR mode, the edge will have to wear a lens~????

Can this solve?

Thank you for sharing this FTC, but is there a way you could get it released on the marketplace for free, besides having to get it from Github? Thank you.

Great work! Is there a way to configure the VR portals to be simple planes instead of volumes?

Hey. Getting the same issue as Y_Y_X where the FOV is off. Reminds me of how planar reflection in VR is sort of off until you add a 10-15 degree FOV in the settings.

Just wanted to say that this is really cool and well done!
It is probably the first implementation of 2d portals that works as expected apart from the VR mode edge material problem when you’re close to the portal. Thanks for putting this together, there are quite a few use cases for something like this!

Just realized what causes that: the capture component FOV is too low (I think it’s the default 90 Degrees?) If you up the capture component FOV to 130 degrees you won’t have those edge problems at the cost of lower resolution. This can be implement via blueprint e.g.

That said this fov will vary with HMDs in the future so a complete solution would likely need to be done in the c++ layer, probably adjusting it somewhere here: this would also likely fix the portal/hmd fov mismatch that currently exists (notice how the portal floor doesn’t appear to align with the perspective of the floor outside).

Another good addition would be an easy way to specify the resolution of the portal being captured to compensate for loss in resolution or to be able to dynamically adapt to heavy scenes while maintaining a good framerate.

Can’t launch apart from play on the editor

How can I use it in my project? It says binaries are not compatible :stuck_out_tongue: (4.19)

OK, I solved the binaries problem, but I have another problem now, I don´t understand how to force the pawn to be teleported when it enters into the detector, also… is there a way to increase the portal capture resolution?

Has anyone had any luck with linking two portal rooms? The teleportation works, but the rendering does not.

Ok it was easy. Just switch the UE version on a fresh downloaded project. As soon as the project files are generated it gets harder to switch the version.

Hello, sorry if I revive this ancient topic.

I have tried the VR portal and it seems to have distortion, is this normal? I am running it on 4.22, on 4.18 it will crash.

What engine version is used for these 3d portals?? I am working in 4.20. Thanks