Free playable fantasy medival map


This is a portfolio map from me and a good learning for Unreal Enigne 4 level design. I focus on level design, so no AI, animation, fighting or gameplay elements are implemented. You can only walk around. I build this map in the mind as a first person action RPG (if it would be coded, what isn’t). I have only 3 1/2 months experince with UE4, so I focus on level design first. This is just a small modified “Shootergame”-project from Epic.

There are 10 death skull treasures to find in the map. Press “E” when you are in the near. Some doors and ladders can be used if you press “E” in the near too. You can sprint with “LeftShift” and jump with “Space”.

To start, run …\Portfolio_RPG_UE4\WindowsNoEditor\ShooterGame.exe

Sometimes I have the bug because the firewall, if I start the exe first time, I have no mouse pointer. Use the taskmanager (press CTRL+ALT+DEL) and close the ShooterGame.exe. After starting a secound time I have the mouse pointer and can play.

When you start, you can check the options if you want, after that click on “Host” and adjust:

-number of bots: 0
-map: RPG
-Record Demo: OFF

Select FREE FOR ALL to play.

I did not make the assets only the level design. The sources I used:

-InfinityBlade from Epic
-some content from the free examples from Epic
-Grass mesh from OliverMH
-Low Poly Foliage Forest Pack from Dokyo
-some Textures from
-Tropical models from
-Sonniss GDC Game Audio Bundle
-Mixamo’s Free Animation Pack

The yellow number in the pics is the fps, my systems is Windows 7 64bit, @1080p, Intel i7 3770K @4GHZ, 32GB RAM and GTX970. My aim is to devolop for games, so fps are important.

Do you play to share also project files?

Files offline :frowning:

Please provide the project files or we can’t learn anything