Free photoscanned stone =)


Hey folks,

I know content is hard to find out there and sometimes hard to create, so I’m making a small step in that direction.

Decided to share one of my first photoscans that is ready to use in the UE4.

It includes

-Photoscanned stone in FBX 4k poly
-Diff Map 4k
-Normal Map
-Specular map

I’m very new in making maps, so if someone is good and want to help, can help make some and share them them here.

Here is the link to get it! =)

You’re free to use it as you like. Commercial or not, No restrictions or whatever. Would love to see some screenshots thu :stuck_out_tongue: If someone is willing to share.

If you guys like it, I’ll try to add more photoscan content here,** just suggest me what you would like to see.** and if it’s possible, I’ll try to do it.

*Note!: The stone is small, so you can increase it x9 / x20 times
Happy holidays.

Thanks sarfios. Very generous of you. Perfect for the Virtual Pet Rock.

But, I’m going to use this excellent photo-scanned stone in my GOLEM ECS.
I’ll replace the screenshot below, when completed.

Click to Enlarge.](

Hey! Thanks a lot for the comment! When I woke up I was eager to check if someone is happy with it. lol and there’s someone wohoo!

Note: The stone have a cut from the ground side, (the cons of photoscan) hope you’ll manage to make it usable for your project =)

*I’m open for suggestion, about what kind of photoscans you would like to see! *

Nice, thx for sharing! :slight_smile: Would be cool if you could scan some more stones :wink:

Hello sarfios,

Very nice stone, however, half of it is culled away. I wasn’t able to use it correctly in the GOLEM. Do you have a complete photo scanned stone?

Hey @TechLord

Yeah, that’s the limitation of the photoscan, you can’t get the side you’re not able to shoot. :frowning: You think it’s not possible to fuse the same stone symmetrically?

What I can do is after the new eve, to shoot a rock or a stone, which is taller like | |, so the non-photoscanned part to be minimal. I’ll try to figure out something =) I promise.

Sure its possible to fuse the stone, but, I’m not certain the texturing will look proper. 3D authorizing is not my strong suit.