[Free] PBR Texture Vol.01

Hi,every body here.I made some of PBR textures for my UE4 scene.Now I share my textures and this is the first step of my sharing project.so,alright,let’s begin introduction.

Download Link: https://gumroad.com/l/HEZvu
Also check on my artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artist/leesungwoo

File included
-12 PBR Textures(Albedo,Roughness,Normal(DX mode),AO) size:2048*2048
-1 sbs(Substance Designer)file

All these (procedural)textures are made in substance designer and I plan to get out next volume.You can tell what kind of textures you need,I will take some popular material that you asked and then add them into my next volume.

About these textures, I didn’t put my time into calibrate roughness.Because different engines have with bias on their reflection,You need calibrate roughness by your self depend on your environment or engine.So all my these textures just have basic balance of roughness(but it’s quiet correct).

I know these texture are not full realistic,but it’s effective.If you guys want full realistic texture just post your comment below.

Finally this is one of my little UE4 scene made with these textures.

Awesome and THX for sharing this pack :smiley:

I advertise your pack at my blog :slight_smile:

That’s good,thanks man:)

Thanks for sharing this Nice package…:slight_smile:
Does it contain the floor material in the scene above …!!?

thanks for sharing, your textures are awesomes, i will put this thread on my blog.

Awesome textures pack thanks!
Can you put some wooden floors in there too? :slight_smile: I could really use those.

No problem.Next volume you will be see it.you can follow my art station then you will get the information in first time

no,the floor material from the Epic free scene:lightroom. you can get it from that scene.by the way I added fresnel on that material.

Awesome job Shrimp, but looks like someone needs to hire a new janitor crew to wash those walls!

Thank you so much for sharing these, they look awesome :)!

As you’re taking suggestions, it would be amazing if you could do some ancient, wheathered stone material(s?) (for example granite, marble, limestone/sandstone). Stuff like this:

(Just the basic wheathered stone texture without any of the reliefs/ornaments, etc.)

Or maybe some ancient plaster like on the arches in these pictures?

Only if you feel like it, of course :).

haha, you are right:p

I see,I also like these stones.I will give a try:cool:

Nice work Shrimp!

Thanks for your generosity. Can you please clarify the free usage license? Is it completely free (CC0, Public Domain, no restrictions) or something more restrictive?

Hey Shrimp, each of us has to combine you’re textures to materials which would be unnecessary work if you could just have the materials ready to download as .uasset files. My suggstion would be that you link the available textures to the material slots and assign standard values for e.g. metalness, roughness.
Would be a great time-saver for all of us.

Thanks for remaining,I will add CC0 license for my free assets.

It’s a good idea,I will make these textures into UE4 materials and it will be shared when my next volume come out.But I can’t sure about the time,I have a new UE4 scene need to build,so after this scene I think I will have time to make some new textures.

AWESOME set m8 Thanks

I’ve love to see some Rock textures too, especially cliff-like rock faces

Great work btw, will definitely be using these :slight_smile:


I’m new to unreal engine 4 how do I imput these into unreal engine?