Free PBR Texture Sets (Need your feedback please)

Hi all,

I’ve been working on some free PBR texture sets at which use the roughness/metal workflow, and would love some constructive criticism from the community here. I come from a photographer/graphic designer background, and would like to improve and get better.

PBR texture sets are 2048x2048 pixels and include albedo, normal, metalness, and roughness maps. Most contain ambient occlusion, and some contain a height map if it makes sense to do so.

I’m hoping this site can become a really helpful resource for the community here now and in the future with your suggestions and input.

Thanks for your time.

Looks really good! Will definitely use that. And “accidentally” click on AdSense :wink:

really good, just take care that you dont have recognisable repeating patterns in them.
you can test that out by having a texture tiled many times over a larger surface and then see if you recognise a repeating patter, like a red stone among browner ones.

Thanks . :slight_smile:

Thanks Vollgaser. That’s something I need to refine in the future. :slight_smile:

looking very good. thy for making them free !!

THX a ton for sharing these HQ textures !

Made a post at my blog :smiley:

Thanks a lot looks very cool .

Thanks for this bro. :slight_smile:

Thanks all. I really appreciate the feedback from you guys.

Thanks so much for the blog post Steve. I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Brilliant work. What is your workflow for creating these?

B e nice to see some landscape materials based off a 3 layer blend

Thanks Spencer. So sorry for the late reply. Depending on what I’m going for, I use a variety of programs to get what I want. I use a bit of Substance Designer, some Quixel, some Mudbox if I want to sculpt in more detail, and some 3D Coat. LOL. Throw in Bitmap2Material and Photoshop now that I think of it. It’s a whole mish-mash of a workflow. Not sure that answered your question at all. LOL

Looks amazing !
thank you so much, I will definitely check these out… :smiley:

i know that my question is stupid but…where should i put the height texture

If I can give some suggestions they would be: Make sure you try and remove all lighting information from the albedo, Ive noticed a few textures have obvious shadows being casted (if youre sourcing these textures yourself by taking pictures, make sure you do it in a diffuse environment like an overcast day).

And as for the website itself, it would be extremely useful to have a tiling preview (perhaps of all the textures as well), and to spice it up even more maybe have a Sketchfab preview of the assets so we can see it in a lighting situation.

It would also be very beneficial to include a cavity map with the textures, that will allow anyone who uses megascans (and megascans studio) to use these PBR textures with megascans studio, allowing you to blend a bunch together and make new textures.

I downloaded one of the tile textures (looks like it was made in Substance Designer) and fooled around with it in megascans studio


I would like to know that too. It looks awful with the bump offset node.
Looks nice with parallax occlusion. But that it to expensive.

here is my setup

Hey, thanks for the feedback. Some of the earlier textures I created I noticed had more lighting information than I would have liked. As I’ve been working on more textures, I’ve been (hopefully) cutting out a lot more lighting information. Those other suggestions are great. I have Marmoset and could use the website plugin to display a 3d view, or is Sketchfab maybe a better option?