FREE: PBR material pack 01

Hi guys! This package includes 4 types of materials created in Substance Designer 5 for UE4:

Metal painted floor (fully procedural)

Metal floor corrosion (fully procedural)

Two types of brick wall (adjust color and fine detail normal maps) - also contains a draft Zbrush and maya and hight map.

Tiled floor (fully procedural)

Meterial skin (fully procedural)

I hope you will be useful these materials.

I would be grateful for your support and donations!

Soon there will be a second pack of materials


This material in UE4!

Why are you releasing this for FREE and then asking for donations?

Would it not make more sense to put a low enough price on it and sell it through the UE4 Marketplace. I think you should put a price on these materials that you feel is fair and maybe also try to release it through the Marketplace.

Good luck and I hope it works out for you. 8-}

Because it’s my choice!)

Thanks a lot for sharing this with us. What is the license on the textures? Is it CC0 (public domain) or something more restrictive?

You can use them for any purpose! public domain

Very nice mats.

I like the donation thing.
Sometimes i donate a small paysafecard or an amazon voucher for good “free stuff”, because i do not like paypal, and i am not willing to pay so much money for playing around in the editor.
It is not too easy to meet the requierements of the marketplace for some private/hobbyist ppl.
But from my own small experience, the ppl do not pay anything for something, they could have for free.

That is why I initially asked … but got a rather curt response from the OP … so I left it.

That is understandable, but you could then use other markets like Sellfy or similar.

My reason for asking the OP was because people are not typically going to donate, however if you price it low enough and add a donation, the OP would probably get some money for his effort. I was just trying to help.

Thanks for the advice, I will follow him in the future! I’ve been doing these materials when a practiced and did not evaluate them in what the amount. I’m working on packs of paid materials))

Grazie amico:) sei generoso