[FREE] Options/Settings Widget

I couldn’t find a free scalability options system, so I made one that consists of a single widget and can be just dropped into a content folder on any 4.10 project.
It’s nothing fancy, just a visual interface using console commands to set various scalability settings. Might save someone a little bit of time.
Does not save settings between game launches and resets slider positions when closed and opened again.
I figured it might be neat to have something to just drop into a quick test project or a jam game or any other project where you haven’t bothered to set up something more substantial yourself yet.
Works just like any other widget, just add it to your viewport and have your mouse cursor enabled.

Looks like this:

It does:

  • Texture Quality
  • Post Process Quality
  • View Distance
  • Resolution Scale
  • Anti-Aliasing
  • Effects Quality
  • Shadow Quality
  • Screen Resolution (clamped between 640x480 and 4k)

**Download link here: **

Wow, looks awesome, I’ll enjoy messing with this!

Thanks man, quite useful.

this looks really cool, cheers!

wow, nice! thanks!

Looks cool. I will definitely try this out :slight_smile:

Sweet, thanks!

Your The best , thanks