[FREE][OPEN SOURCE][TOOL] Dungeon Generator Plugin

Hello everyone,

I have created a free, open source Dungeon Generator plugin that I want to share with you!

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the results you get:

And here’s how easy it is for you to generate a dungeon in under 30 seconds:

The plugin contains two C++ classes:

  • A Tile Matrix class, responsible for generating locations of rooms and walls (therefore “designing the whole dungeon”)
  • A Dungeon Generator class, which takes all the input from the Tile Matrix class and spawns the assigned static meshes in the world, bringing the whole dungeon to life!


  1. You can generate a dungeon using a single mesh for all the floor tiles and another mesh for the walls
  2. You can generate a dungeon using “Room Templates” (meaning different meshes for floors and walls for your rooms)

You can download the complete source code from my GitHub repository.
Check out the project’s page here.
Last but not least, I have uploaded a short documentation on how to use the plugin here

Hopefully you will find some use cases for it!

  • Orfeas