[FREE] NEW Textures materials


I want to share my new textures resource, there’s a lot of free material, about 3000+ free texture.
The site has some ready to use materials http://texturelabs.org/materials-library/
and a lot of references http://texturelabs.org/categories/textures-library/

There is also a section of the site with a lot of Tuscany high quality photos, arranged by typology (Doors, Churces, Windows, etc) http://texturelabs.org/texture-packs/

I hope that you enjoy it,


This is great, thanks for sharing.

thank you for these textures, I’m always looking for new textures .

Thank you for it. Are they PBR compatible?

Present scarcity of content aside, this looks like a better version of CGTextures with its archaic download limits (15mb a day? What year is it, 1997?). I hope this place will survive and flourish, and thanks for the texture packs you already have.

They aren’t really textures in the sense you’re thinking - they are reference photos for people to create textures from. In order to make a truly PBR compatible texture from a photo you have to do a lot of post-work removing shadows etc. (and ideally it should be taken with a polarizing filter on the lens)

Brilliant site, thanks for the reference :slight_smile:

I would also like to suggest GameTextures.com & Arroway Textures. I use to own a CGTextures Corporate Membership due to wanting IP Whitelisting but did not renew after the year was up. As for GameTextures.com, while good it did not get enough use from us to merit continuing our old Commercial monthly subscription and while Arroway Textures has brilliant texture quality + resolutions going upwards of 20k by 15k, the price might might scare most off (I personally own the All-In-One Bundle) yet I would still highly recommend a 1-time purchase of one of their bundles for those doing photo real games, arch viz and film/CGI.

NOTE: I’ve heard a lot of good things from people regarding recent changes that GameTextures.com has made to their collection, including a change of pricing structure and PBR game-ready textures being introduced, so I might consider renewing our license with them at some point in the future.

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