Free Music Track gift from Arteria3d for the Unreal Community

Volume 2 in our Cinematic Audio Score series, providing the highest quality music compositions and audio production to provide expansive sounding music for your video game and media productions.

This weekend,Unreal users can download one of the tracks from the pack free
Simply visit the product page, and on the soundcloud player select the track and on the playline,you will see an arrow poining down, press that and download the track for free.:

The Longest Glare
Then, press the download button aside the track, to download for free.

Visit Product Page below:

thanks for your gift. This is really nice.
But i have to say that your website makes me sad because if most all your was not unity only and then suppose hours of work to have it usable with unreal, i would ever have subscribe a year plan.
If you can do something, i am sure you’ll be the first benefiting of this, considering that a lot of users “not graphism skilled” like me will like what you do (which is ever true in my case ^^), and be happy to use it. (This is that “not graphism skilled” which makes the trouble because people skilled are less than people unskilled and the skilled will sometimes buy but will mainly do themselves.
But unskilled people like me will not buy considering that the work needed maybe too difficult to have a good result usable in game (because most of us don’t know how to do) or they are afraid of having nothing if for some reason they fail in the conversion.
I agree that it will be a big amount of work, this not a complain. Only the reason why as i am a low money owner, i didn’t subscribe which what i wanted too when i discovered your website.

This is a really nice soundtrack, I’m actually already a subscriber to Arteria3d so thanks for this :slight_smile: