[FREE MUSIC] Music that you might have been looking for

Hi All,

Per **franktech **suggestion in this topic I’m posting the information here.

I’m an aspiring video games/trailers/cinematic scores composer who’s always looking for nice and challenging projects.
Go and check out my work @ Stream Piotr Wojtowicz music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud and if you find something interesting by all means do not hesitate to contact me.

All of the tunes @Soundcloud are royalties free unless you decide to use some of them for whatever reasons in a youtube video then you can get a copyright strike (doubtfully you’d do that since it’s a gaming engine forum nevertheless I’d rather clear things out at the start) which I still can whitelist should you have contacted me before using it.

Now, my ultimate goal is to score new music which would fit the scene(s) in a game. While my already-released tunes are royalties free, the new scores created for motion pictures might come at a price. Of course all would depend on the complexity of the project, sound design, etc, etc.

Again, if you do need music for your game(s) or if you wanna use an existing tune of mine, just let me know. Thanks !


Copyright strike? Not just a content ID match?
Also, what is the license exactly, “royalty free” doesn’t really mean anything (it can be royalty free after purchase or free to use, and then again, including or excluding commercial use). But I suppose the licensing will be discussed upon contact.

Not really that unlikely. Someone could want to use the music for a trailer, showcase or tutorial, or even release a project that could get picked up by a youtube letsplayer.

Thanks for your comment. At this moment I’m not affiliated with any entities (example Buma Stemra etc) which are gathering my royalties so it’s as you said : can/will be discussed upon contact. I’m open to commercial or non-commercial use of my music.

My latest music is via Distrokid and there are some tunes for which I did opt for Youtube Content ID. So basically Distrokid adds my audio to YouTube’s Content ID system, which scours YouTube for videos that use my music. More can be found

My music was used already in couple of occasions by quite big yt gaming channel and there was never a problem with whitelisting of the youtube videos so there shouldn’t be any problem when it comes to yt platform.

As mentioned, my goal is to create new music to motion pictures. What you hear @Soundcloud can be still used but mainly I’m using it as my portfolio. I hope that answers your questions. If not we can always take it to 1-2-1 conversation. Thank you.

Notice that any game music is likely to appear on YouTube at one point (Let’s Play, Trailer etc). I would be interested to use your music on a YouTube channel. Are the soundcloud songs part of your bandcamp Discography? And if I buy, am I allowed to use the music on YT? Thanks

Sure I understand it and as mentioned earlier it’s not a problem as long as you tell me which tune you wanna use it and of course as long as you credit me in the description. More details on whitelisting we can discuss in private messages I’d say. It may be that the tune you wanna use it doesn’t require any clearing anyways so you’re good to go.
And you don’t need to buy my music to use it - of course you can support me that way but it’s not necessary as long as you contact me prior using it and you mention me in the description of the youtube video (mentioned above :))

In general my music is copyrighted and if somebody is using it without my permission then it’s a copyright infringement - but I guess that’s clear.

Last but not least, examples where my music was used (Ravic’s channel):