[FREE] Moving Platform Blueprint

I created a blueprint that allows you to create a path for a platform to move along. I also added various settings to tweak the behavior of the moving platform. Check out the video below to find out more. I’m also including a download link below for the blueprint uasset and project file shown in the video. Feel free to use it in your own projects. I’m also open to feature requests and suggestions on how to improve the blueprint. If I have time, I might work on the blueprint some more.

Download Link

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This is great - I’m going to use it for traps and the like in my first person dungeon game. Thanks!

Nice and handy, thank you for that!
Just fyi you can display the rotation and scale of a spline using the “Should Visualize Scale” option under the Editor section of the SplineComponent :wink:

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I didn’t know that, thx.

thanks share

Very Nice Thank You

this is really interesting, thanks!

Bumping this so other peeps can find it, it’s a great blueprint!

This is outstanding thank you! I do however need help looping from the starting point instead of reversing from the end of the spline. Any ideas?