Free (more basic) economy system (BP)!

Hey everyone I just made a pretty simple economy system with a HUD, shop and blocks that give you money when walked against. There is also a spawner included to spawn these blocks. This is made in blueprints, with 1 c++ file to keep the money stored in!
So if you want to download this please use the following links:

Unreal engine simple blueprint economy system! - YouTube
Simple BP economy system v1.0 (this is a demo project based on the first person shooter template)
Unreal Engine 4.11.2
v 1.1:

Unreal Engine 4.11.2
(documentation has not yet been updated for this release)
v 1.2:
Unreal Engine 4.11.2
(documentation has not been updated for this release)
v 2.0-pre1:
Release 2.0 pre-release 1! · UnrealStuffz/BasicEconomySystem-BP- · GitHub
Unreal Engine 4.11.2
v 2.0-pre2:

Unreal Engine 4.11.2

I hope this can help someone. if it did please let me know! I am open for any suggestions!
A video showing it in action(without shop): Random economy $hit I have been working on! (BP) (WIP) - YouTube
Add your own item to the shop: Basic BP EconomySystem add your own items to the shop - Google Docs
Add this to your own project: (Still work in progress, but to just get it out, I am publishing right now :)) EDIT! Its done now! Unreal engine basic economy system, add to your own project - Google Docs

Hey everyone! I just released version 1.1! This now uses a gameinstance to store the data so there should be multi-level support! (the game instance is in c++, just like the other variable carrier. If anyone wants I can proberbly release a full BP version, just ask :slight_smile: ) Download version 1.1 here:

thanks for your work, im using it for my rpg :smiley:

wow :o Thanks soo much that this was of a use :slight_smile: I hope you enjoy it, I am still working on the documentation for the new version, but yeah it takes some time, so please use version 1.0 as that contains docs on how to transfer it :slight_smile: If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

can you please convert this into BP only? if possible. everything is so much cleaner and portable without c++ :frowning:
anyway, awesome stuff, thanks and i learned a lot from it.

can you please convert this into BP only? if possible. everything is so much cleaner and portable without c++ :frowning:
anyway, awesome stuff, thanks and i learned a lot from it.

Sure! I have been considering it for a while, but personally as I am mainly a c++ enthusiast I preferred the c++, but BP only will be good for once! I’ll get back when I have finished updating it!

Hi someoneint,

This is a very nice system you have created here. I am currently trying to integrate this into my project but when I download the project and try to open the .uproject it won’t open it. Instead, I just copied everything from the content folder to my project. However, I am missing everything in the level blueprint. Would you be able to provide a screenshot of the level blueprint for me? Also, for the $10, $50, $100, etc, actors, what do I need to put in there? Thanks!

Thanks! I’ll try to create the new release ASAP and make it for 4.12, also as soon as i have the time update my docs on transfering it, as I think your problem may be engine version related, anyhow, here are the screenshots!
level BP:
The money actors consist out of a 3d model (in my case a cube) has a collider and the moneybrick script, the moneybrick script basically looks at the overlapping actors and when there is more than 0 (so 1 if the player steps on it), it will add the defined amount of money(variable: value) and destroys itsself! (screenshot of the moneybrick: and I hope this helped! Thanks for using my plugin, it’s very motivating to see people use it :slight_smile:
Also I would like to announce that someone named Tezlz (Tezlz - YouTube), who made my YoutTube intro, is making some 2d(and possibly 3d) assets for use in this system! I am hyped for the next update!

Hey everyone! As posted before an update has come out! Still in 4.11.2 as there is a minor harddrive space problem for me, but expect 4.12 soon!
Basic summery of what has been added:
+Shop model
+Bank note model
+Coin model
~Converted gameinstance to BP

Special thanks to tezlz(Tezlz - YouTube) for making models!
I hope you will enjoy this update

thanks a lot again im currently using only bp still learning, c++ :smiley: investing lot of time i will extend this and make an ecenomy system wich players can decide price of everything.

wow cool! Currently expanding this version myself too! :slight_smile: Feel free to use it, and please share some screenshots with me once you are done! btw I’m also still learning unreal c++ :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey everyone!
2 things! First of all I would love all of you to vote at this stawpoll (basically should I expand beyond only economy)
Secondly 2.0-pre1 is out, download it here: Release 2.0 pre-release 1! · UnrealStuffz/BasicEconomySystem-BP- · GitHub
I hope this new version will help you out!

veri good!) tnx

Thanks, happy if it helped you! :wink:

I am happy to announce pre-release 2 of version 2.0! Download it here:
Basic outline of what has changed:
+Expanded HUD
-Now has health, energy and food
+Player can die
+No food = starvation = death eventually
+Jumping costs energy
+When not walking energy regens
~Cleaned and commented nearly all code!!!