[FREE] Melee combat template

My old melee combat template now it’s free.

  • Health/Damage System
  • Very easy to change enemies and character models.
  • Very easy to change animations, just drag and drop.
  • You can configure different reactions to different attacks (for attack with the sword on the left - one animation, for attack with the sword on the right - another animation)
  • Simply enemies AI

You can move the weapon socket from the hand to wherever you want.

You can create any enemies you want, zombies, dragons, animals.

Download -


Thank you very much for this great share! :slight_smile:

thanks for this share:)

thank you so much! great!

great tutorial man what a nice creation

Over the past few months I’ve made my own melee combat system, so I’m interested to see your spin on things and compare. Thanks for sharing with us!

(: Thanks for sharing mate!

LOTS of thank you… oh I am so new here

This Is SO GOOD!

Dropbox link not working

link is broken!

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you cant redistribute mixamo animations sorry :frowning: its not that i have anything against… its just you can get in trouble for doing so.

The Link is broken can you fix it if you can please?

any chance you could fix this?