[FREE] Materials & Textures - Making on my Own

Hey Guys,

i´m new at this stuff with UnrealEngine and the whole “Engine” stuff so i am like learning by doing right now :wink:

I started loaded the Engine yesterday and thought that there are so few Materials for the whole Stuff and the most
of the Materials are for money :frowning:

So i thought i will make them myself.

So i started like 2h ago (completely new in this stuff) and this is the result:
Update 1: Terrain_Material: Nice looking shape, likely somel “Real”

I think this looks not bad :stuck_out_tongue: . I had the idea that you guys will write down in this thread which materials you need and i will just make them.
I have not so many ideas so for me it would be a learning purpose. :smiley:

(Sorry for my bad englisch :cool: )

Oh this should be awesome since the need for basic materials is for everyone and making them by hand from scratch is just a waste of time and effort, Though it is a good way to learn the engine :wink:

Also if you make the materials could you make them as physical materials that are accurate so they can be used in physics simulations etc.

Like a block of Pine wood that looks accurate, weighs accurate, acts like accurate with kinetic energy transfers in place (generic pine though since the density differs on growth area etc.)

Which would be my first request really :wink:
(1)Wood Pine
a. Looks like it (The starter content has a good one visually)
b. Has accurate or even semi accurate properties like weight/m3, density, kinetic behavior etc.

I will look into the physical side too, will be more interesting. It´s pretty easy to start with the textures. Making the material at some point is a little of work, cuz each have it´s own roughnes etc. + you mentioned physicals.
I will manage somehow, have a lot of expierence from CAD (the physics) need just some time to go through the manuals.

Update 2: I was sleeping ^^ But now Rami i got a Wood Pine that looks acceptable, before i go for physics i would really want to know if the color is ok, need it darker or u need some variations.
I can make more Pine Wood examples.

Looks quite nice, though the lightest one has quite repetitive texturing seeming close to a stacked bin of plywood sheets, but otherwise very nice.

Btw I found this nice little link on wood property database

hello ! can you make some nice floor tiles plz ? and walls tiles too …or maybe u already have some … plz

hi,how to download ur free material?