Free materials mini PACK

I present to you 4 free rock and ground materials))) Normal and diffuse in 20482048 and specular, oclusion and displasment in 512512) Later I will add more materials. free for non-commercial use.
if you need materials to order - please contact me, I will do more (of course for a small payment)
PS later will be more free package (also with models stones - see second screenshot)
PPS enjoy! ://

Dear Almgp,

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Congrats on your first post!

And wow, your first post is an offering! Thanks so much!

Downloading :slight_smile:

not at all)) I just want to do something useful)) PS Excuse me for maybe a little obscure text - translate by Google :slight_smile:

Welcome and thanks for sharing! I’m moving your thread to Community Content, Tools and Tutorials section. :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Looks great! Did you shoot photos to get the texture for or how did you get the ram material?

Thank you, looks awesome! But your download is full of Tiffs, Unreal doesn’t even support that. And how do we need to ‘build’ the materials out of your source? Looking forward for more though!

Agreed, how do we use these when they are in Tiff format? I don’t think that the Unreal Engine Team has any sort of plan to support TIFF files. Could you please re-upload these in TGA or something of the sort? These look like awesome textures, but they are unusable in their current state.


You can open these in photoshop or gimp (or other image editor applications), and then go to “save as” and choose a tga or png file.

thread was last active a couple of months ago, so you may not hear back from the OP.

Thank you!

Why is useful if its non-commercal? Building projects for your family?? LOL…

great… how wecan order?

I’ve download the pack, rename the files, add a readme and convert all files from TIF to TGA. I’ve made a 7z archive and upload it to my GoogleDrive account. You can download the new pack here.

Also, the pack as been added to my UE4 resources page :slight_smile:

THX for freely sharing those awesome textures Almgp :wink:

Look great! Thx for sharing :slight_smile:

link offline

Nothing found
The owner may have deleted the file or restricted access to it.
Or you might have received a link with a typo.

To anybody else searching, pack has been backed up to:


(search for “Almgp” on that page)

Thanks for backing it up!