Free Marketplace Community Ocean Asset Gone

Where did that free Ocean Project that was on the marketplace disappear to, I wanted to use it for an upcoming project?

That would be this one [Community Project] WIP Weather & Ocean Water Shader? It was never on the marketplace.

Nope thats not it lol, there was one called OceanX that was released for free on the Marketplace

You can download it from here looks like its been removed or hes taken it down.

EDIT: looks like hes removed it off of GitHub to sorry to say.

It was a good Ocean glad to see its will come back.

Hey Jonathan, is there any problem with the market, or the asset? I’m really looking forward to buy the asset, but it is not available.

It was removed from the marketplace as it was deemed to infringe copyrights.

Just to clarify, the product that was removed for copyright violation was NeOcean. OceanX and OceanXY were not removed by Marketplace team, the seller asked us to remove them on his own and they weren’t part of the investigation or DMCA takedown.