Free look when idle

So I’m trying to make a system where no matter what direction you move (WASD), the character always faces wherever the camera is looking at. However, I would like to make it that when the player isn’t moving anymore, the camera can free look around the player, and snaps back to wherever the camera is looking when moving again. (pretty much exactly like Destiny when you’re in the Tower) Any tips or ideas are much appreciated.

Maybe you could set the camera location in a variable when player input stops. Then set a boolean (maybe called " Is Moving? ") and when it’s false move the camera with different controls, when the player moves you can then move the camera back to the variable position with the ease function and disable camera controls. Sorry if this is a bit confusing, if you don’t understand just ask and I’ll try to rephrase.
Hope your game goes well!!

Can u show a video of destiny so we get better understanding of what u mean

Destiny Tower Gameplay - YouTube Here’s what I want to achieve. WASD moves the player in relation to where the camera is looking but when they’re idle/not moving, the camera free looks around them, then snaps back when they move again.

It looks like the default third person template in ue4 can do this.

I started with the third person template to try but perhaps I did something wrong.

Unless u changed the settings or something if u hit play u get to play in third person mode.

I just redid a third person template and got it to work now so !! Thanks anyways