Free LOD generating software which is best?

Does it preserve the mapping , is it standalone. What do you guys use ?
Cheers !

PS: after some searching Sympligon has a FREE cloud service , in which you make and account and send your meshes to their servers for processing. The only downside is that they can keep and display your meshes as they see fit.

You can also use the modifiers in your 3d program -> then select the parts that should be decreased and change some values in the modifier e.g in blender it’s called “decimate”. Probably not the best way, but you can get pretty good results :slight_smile:


As much as I love Blender, I wouldn’t use it to do LODs with it. Because it sucks :wink:
Simplygon seams to be the right choice.
One could also use ZBrush’s Decimation Master which also gives very good results, not sure how it compares with Simplygon - if one can get one for free that is :wink:

This one is darn old but it has a free version up to 15000 tris

For those considering purchasing Simplygon’s paid service, I’d actually suggest they consider Mixamo’s ‘The Decimator’ service, instead.

Whereas Simplygon’s costs $100 a month, Mixamo’s will run you $50 per month. It’s half the price, provides fantastic results. Plus, that also means you’ll gain access to their entire character library, their auto-rig facility (which is absolutely fantastic), Face Plus and 10 animations per month (out of their ever-expanding assortment).

Price-wise, it’s a no brainer. However, if you’re looking for a free version, I can’t really recommend anything on that front. I’m not sure I’d grant Simplygon permission to use my assets, in turn for a decimation tool, though.

Fair point and one really should think twice before doing it. And as for paying 100$ per month - I genuinely would never do it. It is simply too much. In that case it is far better to purchase ZBrush, and use decimation master which I believe is on par with Simplygon.